Sunday, July 30, 2006

Georgetown, DE: Town of Detestable Bigots

Via Patrick Nielsen Hayden on Making Light, this story about how the detestable CHINO scumbags who run Georgetown, DE hounded a Jewish family from town. For being Jewish! Really. In America.

Anti-Semitic bigotry is unAmerican and detestable and, and...the temptation to dissolve into incoherent spluttering is almost overwhelming.

Every person of good will should denounce the people of this ridiculous town for the backward redneck assholes they are. Georgetown, DE should become a byword for stupidity and bigotry.

Now, of course I'm not sure there's anyone who reads this who doesn't read Making Light already. And I'm sure there's little linkage to here. But I want to do my part.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They really ARE trying to bring the Fifties back. Like I was telling my wife, people will look back to the beginning of the 21st Century and think we had all gone crazy.


11:45 AM  

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