Sunday, July 30, 2006

Georgetown, DE: Town of Detestable Bigots

Via Patrick Nielsen Hayden on Making Light, this story about how the detestable CHINO scumbags who run Georgetown, DE hounded a Jewish family from town. For being Jewish! Really. In America.

Anti-Semitic bigotry is unAmerican and detestable and, and...the temptation to dissolve into incoherent spluttering is almost overwhelming.

Every person of good will should denounce the people of this ridiculous town for the backward redneck assholes they are. Georgetown, DE should become a byword for stupidity and bigotry.

Now, of course I'm not sure there's anyone who reads this who doesn't read Making Light already. And I'm sure there's little linkage to here. But I want to do my part.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Secrets and Mysteries

I first posted this on Making Light, when we were discussing the difference between a secret and a mystery. I decided it would stand on its own. Let me know what you think.

If you tell someone a secret, they know it. If you tell someone a mystery, they only know OF it. They can then COME to know it only by approaching it and trying to touch it. And the rest of their lives may be spent trying to really know it.

My friend Judy Harrow says that the Mysteries (she means of Wicca) have been out in paperback since the 1960s. I think she's primarily referring to Stranger in a Strange Land, where the central mystery is "Thou art God."

I have an interesting history with that Mystery (oo, a Mystery History).

When I first heard it, I thought its meaning was obvious, and that it was obviously false. After all, if I had been God, Bruce James would have been consumed by hellfire right there in the hallway of Kinawa Middle School. (All I have to say is, if I'd had pyrokinesis in Junior High, I would have made Carrie look like a piker. Good thing, because Bruce James grew up into a perfectly decent human being.)

When I learned a little more (a Secret, in fact, though it's pretty well known these days) I thought its meaning was obvious, and that it was obviously true, a tautology, in fact, since 'thou' means the divine self of a person...and that is what I believe Crowley meant when he said (or channelled) "Do as Thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."

As I touched the Mystery a little more, I came to the conclusion that the meaning of that little three-word sentence was not at all obvious, and that the best I could figure out was that it probably wasn't true, since I was beginning to directly sense the Presence...something much bigger than myself, and therefore (I thought) not ME.

Now, after decades, I've come to the conclusion that the meaning of 'Thou art God' is not at all obvious, but it's definitely true, and as with all true Mysteries I can't explain why. It's something I only fully understand while touching the Mystery, and when I'm doing that I can't verbalize much of anything about it. I prophesy, but I can't theologize!

(Isn't that a nice neat mathematical progression? It's a literary device for mapping the progress of my understanding, not the actual territory of that growth.)

One more example. If I tell you that the Secret Names of the God and Goddess in my tradition are Fred and Ethel, you then know those names (and in some traditions I would be issued a Writ of Banishment and cast out, with the candles and everything). If instead I tell you what I really think, which is that when the Goddess decided to speak Her Name, the universe began in fire and force, and we can hear the echo of that beginning to this day, but when She finishes pronouncing Her Name, the Universe will be over—I've told you a Mystery. On one level it's obvious what I'm referring to, but the deeper truth will be hidden from you until you touch it for yourself.

An unlit candle across the room from a burning one is bathed in the light; yet it cannot burn for itself until they touch.

Italy Wins the World Cup - Sort Of

Well, Italy got to take home the World Cup. I guess that means they won.

I don't think so.

Yeah, Zidane should not have headbutted Materazzi. But I saw Materazzi come up behind Zidane, reach around him, and caress his chest. He's admitted to pinching Zidane's nipple.

I wasn't able to see what was going on behind Zidane, but I can guess.

Zidane walked away from this sexual assault, but he must have been furious. Calling his mother a whore must just have pushed him over the edge.

It was obvious to me that this was a deliberate, planned strategy on the part of the Italian team, to take out the French team's best player when they were going to a shootout. Many of those players are on teams that are being relegated for corruption, which doesn't strike me as a coincidence.

So Italy sort of wins the World Cup. It's not really winning if you cheat. Or play dirty, whether the playing dirty is technically outlawed in the rules or not.

I'm not a soccer fan, not at all. But I know honor when I see it, and I know when it's missing. And the Italian team sacrificed all honor, even before Zidane's admittedly inexcusable conduct.