Sunday, June 11, 2006

So here I am

OK, now I have a real blog. Let's see if I have anything to say! I think I won't tell anyone about it until I do have something, and have said it.


Blogger FSJL said...

You could of course indite a simple sonnet
A whole series of them, Shakespear's rhyme,
Adorn your blog with them like a bonnet,
Or season it with them, like sage or thyme.

This thing about blogging in rhymed verse,
Or blank, it does not matter is that when
You turn to prose it cannot then be better
In the unbiased judgment of other men

Than when you take the time to rhyme and scan,
Or nobly, and in freest form, produce
A poem that's designed to fit your plan;
One that will not your principles traduce.

The certainty being that when you're done,
You and your readers both share in the fun.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous abi said...

It's dangerous posting in rhyme
For sadly, we don't all refrain
From crossing the poetic line
With a badly metred quatrain.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous TexAnne said...

There once was a blogger named Xopher
Whose friend Anne couldn't think of any rhyme words and left the field in disgrace.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Xopher said...

There once was a blogger named Xopher

--Whose name was pronounced rhymed with 'gopher'.
He didn't blog much
Because he was such
An indolent, writer's-blocked loafer.

How's that?

4:59 PM  
Anonymous TexAnne said...

See? I hang my head in shame and slink away.

Summer makes the brain
Melt into ignominy.
Last line needed now.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Leigh Witchel said...

There you are! I knew you weren't dead or disappeared.



2:32 AM  

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